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At last, Jeremy. Now Labour's mission must be to prevent any Brexit

Polly Toynbee  |  Columnista de The Guardian y escritora

Sliding closer day by day, you can hear the swelling excitement of the catastrophists at the thrilling prospect of a no-deal smash-out. Into the unknown! Hurl all the old certainties into the air and see what new patterns the broken fragments make on the floor! Break all rules, start again, bring on the Bexit revolution!

They take no heed when the Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, cautioned them on Monday: “We are sleep-walking into no-deal scenario. It’s unacceptable and your best friends have to warn you. Wake up. This is real.” European Council president Donald Tusk and Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar added warnings of a "chaotic Brexit", the grown-ups trying to restrain the out-of-control teenagers punching each other up inside what purports to be the British government. Since there can’t be a reopening of the withdrawal agreement or a breaking of the backstop in the Irish border settlement, Tusk says: “It’s absolutely clear that there is no majority in the House of Commons to approve a deal.” So Theresa May tiptoes closer to the edge, at serious risk of an accidental last-minute plunge.

Sniff the air and you can sense among some a dangerous appetite for chaos, a ghoulish curiosity to see what no-deal would do. Naturally, Tory extremists and Ukippers eagerly anticipate the anarchy of their low-tax, roll-back-the-state, free-trading brave new world. But among some of the Labour leader’s allies, especially the Unite coterie, you could sometimes sniff it too – that old revolutionary taste for the sound of breaking glass: out of chaos, a new dawn. The worse the national disaster, the more certain that the Tories will be rendered unelectable for a generation. Mercifully, Jeremy Corbyn has swerved away from that with his promise of a "public vote".

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Fuente: The Guardian
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